..RESIDENT GALLERY, is the recent response of a Nomadic Artist [milarky] adapting to a societal shift in the inability to effectively hold nomadism as the fundamental aspect of a practice.

Having spent the last decade prior opening his Gallery [which opened 20th August 2020] deep amongst a Nomadist method of researching and developing work [including a Masters Degree completed 2018] the Artist responded to the Globally introduced limit of geographical movements with the opening Exhibition in his Gallery titled 'Sedentarisation'. He has since had a total of 6 sold out solo Exhibitions in this space all exploring various focal aspects of this Reside'ing approach to being a mobility restricted Nomadic Artist. With the most recent Exhibition 'Innertia' being delivered as his "last painting exhibition of 2021" he has since re-adapted the Gallery Space into primarily being an extension of his neighbouring studio space [#MilarkyLaboratories], though often and irregularly opening the doors for releasing small series of works, or meet viewers/investors by appointment. The walls change often, and visitor are welcome.

As it's an ArtistRun space- hours are not the most reliable, and often nocturnal, feel free to contact ahead, or if the door is ever closed please use the doorbell.

-Resident Gallery is located: 95D Devon st West, New Plymouth, Taranaki, 4310, New Zealand

admin @milarky.com