• Image of Berst
  • Image of Berst



Spraypaint on Canvas

"A tag is the very essence of graffiti". A quote from
New York graffiti writer, Earsnot, is well known for
his daylight bombing in the city and tagging.
Handstyles is a painting that embodies the visual
language of graffiiti. It utilises the lines, forms, and
intersections to construct the basis of the piece
while additional elements feature characterisation
in the lines. Also represented in the work is Berst's
iconic 'Berstbat' and 'Berstskull' throwups which in
bombing terms are used as an alternative to a tag.


Part of the 'Curated By Milarky' group Exhibition, currently on display at RESIDENT GALLERY

*photo is taken of the Artwork in the Gallery Space [amongst other works with varied lighting] for more detailed or high res images of any Artwork, please feel free to contact direct.