..Fett Study: side


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..'Fett Study: side'
600gsm Hahnemuhle
180mm x 140mm
White float mount framed

Released at 4:44, May the 4th.

..The side study sketch of 'Prototype Boba Fett'
This character was the initial full white armoured concept design [1987] for an elite Stormtrooper who was instead screen adapted and introduced as Boba Fett the bounty hunter in his since famous coloured armour. The character within the films was later given a father, Jango Fett, who wore the same armour and was the 'template donor' in which the clone army of Stormtroopers [the first Stormtroopers] was made from. So in two major factors, this is the character who was the source of the Stormtroopers.
While this character was never on screen in his full white armour, the 3 studies and full sketch released today, are based from research of the single 'suit/costume' behind the scenes discussion video and from rare action figure access.

There was three studies done, Front, Back, Side.

The official 'Milarky x MayThe4th' 2022 sketch [760mm x 560mm] will be released later tonight [it's tradition milarky works on it during May the 4th]

..#Milarky x #MayThe4th 2022