• Image of GhostCat
  • Image of GhostCat


‘J.Richards Bin’

Mixed media scratch-build. 
Each includes the same rubbish, tags,
and individually signed & numbered. 
Limited-edition of 10 bins.

Mike Beer aka Ghostcat is a Christchurch-based
artist creating ‘scratch-build’ miniature objects,
buildings, and city fixtures. With a background in
carpentry and set design/building at the Court
Theatre, Ghostcat has recently taken the leap to
focus solely on his passion - making mini things -
and the results are absolutely fascinating. The
craftsmanship and attention to detail are what sets
Ghostcat apart.


Part of the 'Curated By Milarky' group Exhibition, currently on display at RESIDENT GALLERY

*photo is taken of the Artwork in the Gallery Space [amongst other works with varied lighting] for more detailed or high res images of any Artwork, please feel free to contact direct.