GhostCat x Ikarus


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GhostCat x Ikarus

‘Off Colombo’

Mixed media scratch-build with stencilled graffiti.

Christchurch graffiti art legend Nick "Ikarus" Tam I
s one of the founding members of the city's foremost
graffiti art collective the DTR Crew. Ikarus lives and
breathes the genre and has accumulated an almost
encyclopedic knowledge of graffiti art. This knowledge,
combined with his flawless clean-line style, makes him
one of the city's most respected artists. When Ikarus is
not graffiti lettering, his artistic style leans more towards
installation and sculpture work, exploring the pressures
of operating on the fringes of society. The empathy
within Ikarus' art is also reflected in his youth work. He
was instrumental in Christchurch's Project Legit before
it lost its home in the 2011 earthquake, working to
channel the artistic expression of inner-city kids—many
of whom were referred to the program by the Youth
Justice Department. More recently, Ikarus has played a
crucial role in fine-tuning the design and, alongside the
rest of the DTR Crew, painting the Riverside Market
Mural. The mural itself has quickly become a widely l
oved Christchurch landmark. 

@ghostcat_mb x @highdoctornick

Part of the 'Curated By Milarky' group Exhibition, currently on display at RESIDENT GALLERY

*photo is taken of the Artwork in the Gallery Space [amongst other works with varied lighting] for more detailed or high res images of any Artwork, please feel free to contact direct.