Tread Well


  • Image of Tread Well
  • Image of Tread Well

Tread Well


Plywood Acrylic

Drawn to the possibilities of taking a 2D design
into the 3D realm, Grim was designed to do exactly
that. To explore the angles, layers, textures and tone,
these elements create an endless approach.
The repetitive use of skulls through out my practise,
comes down to my fascination of the most recognise
symbol to man kind. I enjoy pushing this symbol to
see how far it can go before it is no longer recognisable,
and deconstructing the layers to create something new.


Part of the 'Curated By Milarky' group Exhibition, currently on display at RESIDENT GALLERY

*photo is taken of the Artwork in the Gallery Space [amongst other works with varied lighting] for more detailed or high res images of any Artwork, please feel free to contact direct.