Xoe Hall


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Xoe Hall

‘Hineahuone, mother of mothers’

Acrylic on Ply box w Varnish

Scattered, safely hidden amongst the sacred red
clad of Papatūānuku, lay the secret to the female
element on Earth. For an age, Papa guarded this
most precious tang with her very existence. She
watched as her son Tāne Māhuta tirelessly
exhausted all avenues trying to find his female
equal. Along the way he created all the children
of the forest: children with wings, feathers, scales,
second skins and leaves, but human life eluded him.
Papa continued to watch, and waited until she knew
he was ready, worthy. And when it was proven he
would never give up his search, Papa showed Tāne
the way to the sacred shores of Kuawaka and told
him the answer was in the red earth. He gathered the
clay in his hands, kneading, needing, moulding,
penetrating… but nothing happened.
Tāne held the clay pressed to his nose and with an
almost defeated sigh, he exchanged the breath of
life. And behold. The mother of mothers came alive
in his arms.


Part of the 'Curated By Milarky' group Exhibition, currently on display at RESIDENT GALLERY

*photo is taken of the Artwork in the Gallery Space [amongst other works with varied lighting] for more detailed or high res images of any Artwork, please feel free to contact direct.